Every Smile Is A Tribute To You – Nicki’s Smile featured in Pick Me Up Mag

“It was a perfect moment, almost.  Our son Josh’s eyes lit up and he hurtled across the amusement park, with me chasing behind. ‘Buzz!’ he shouted.  Next thing, he had his arms clamped round Buzz Lightyear’s Leg.

We were at Walt Disney World in Florida, and our boy was having the time of his life.  It was a 3-year-old’s dream come true.  Watching Joshua chatting away to Buzz I had to laugh.

I turned to you to share a smile.  Reached for your hand, knowing this was a memory that would never fade.  But next to me was an empty space.  You weren’t there.  It had been eight months since you died, and it still hadn’t sunk in.  I don’t think it ever will…” Click on the picture below to read more.

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