Nicki’s Smile – Marathon Update

They may not have crossed the finish line first but the Nicki’s Smile runners will have felt like winners by raising an incredible £39,000 at the 2013 London Marathon.

On an unexpectedly warm spring day nearly 40,000 runners took to the streets of London including eight wearing the purple of Nicki’s Smile and Pancreatic Cancer UK. They were cheered on by half a million people who lined the route to offer their support as well as soak up the sun.

The team from XL Insurance who have chosen Nicki’s Smile as their UK Charity of the Year included James Martin, Philip Hogg, Claire Paternoster, James Benn and Teresa Ngeow and were led home by the speedy Jack Morris in a time of 3h 15m.

James Martin, Teresa Ngeow, Jack Morris, Claire Paternoster and Philip Hogg of Team XL

After he had recovered his breath, team leader James Martin commented, “That has to be the toughest physical and mental challenge I have ever faced but was also one of the best days of my life.  The atmosphere and support from the crowds all the way along the route was simply unbelievable.  Plus we mustn’t forget that we’ve raised a huge amount of money for charity which was a huge motivator on the day.  We are all extremely grateful to everyone who sponsored us.  Now I think we all deserve a bit of a rest, and maybe a couple of beers.”

James Martin


Claire Paternoster and Teresa Ngeow

Marc Cane also shared his thoughts, “A massive thank you to those who sponsored me to run this year’s London Marathon, the money will help to conduct vital research into Pancreatic Cancer. Without the support of the many donors and the estimated 500,000 spectators I couldn’t have completed the 26.2 miles. All those people cheering my name around the course and particularly my friends and family at the key stages of half way and near the end made it a very emotional and exciting experience. I can’t wait to run it again!”

Marc Cane

Rob Fosterman had the marathon under control, at least for a period, “I found it great until about mile 16 and was on pace with my timings, but the warm weather, the need to take on more liquid and the lack of shade made it tough, both physically and mentally.”

Rob Fosterman

However help was on hand from the famously supportive London crowd and also an unexpected source, “Once I passed mile 23 and hit the Embankment it was fine, as you know you are near the end. I took my headphones off and just let the crowd take me home and tried to pick up my pace as much as my body would let me. That is definitely the best part, but it is tough to enjoy. Having Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (Arsenal and England) hand me a Lucozade and tell me to keep going was a nice touch!”

Rob summed up what running for Nicki’s Smile meant for him, “You remember it is for a great cause, people have been incredibly generous with their sponsorship – which I am grateful for, and it really is a great thing to have done and a great cause to raise money for.”

If you are interested in being part of the Nicki’s Smile team for the 2014 London Marathon then please contact for more information.


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