Running for their friend

Ava Sandler, Lauren Brickman, Charlotte Rabinovitch, Ellie Brickman, Solly Jacobs, Joshua Blake

Ava Sandler, Lauren Brickman, Charlotte Rabinovitch, Ellie Brickman, Solly Jacobs, Joshua Blake

A class of primary school children are coming together in a tale of young friendship to raise money for Nicki’s Smile.

Solly Jacobs, Ava Sandler, Zach Spevock, Jake Rosenberg, Charlotte Rabinovitch, Jacob Selzer, Gabriel Nathan, Casey Bond, Dylan Fabian, Abigail Cane and Lauren and Ellie Brickman are in Year 2 at Hertsmere Jewish Primary School and are just some of the classmates taking part in the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run on Sunday 14th June.

The enthusiastic friends are taking their training very seriously and are looking forward to the family event. But for one member of the class – seven-year old Joshua Blake – the day is so much more poignant.

Joshua was just three years old when his mother Nicki lost her battle to pancreatic cancer aged just 33. A year later Nicki’s Smile was launched and in the four years since, nearly half a million pounds has been raised and two pioneering pancreatic cancer early diagnosis research projects have been funded.

The children will be running stride for stride alongside their friend Joshua. Solly Jacobs, 7, says, “We hope we raise lots of money in memory of our friend Joshua’s mummy”.

Involvement has extended from the children to their parents, mum Amanda Rabinovitch says, “The children are all very excited to be taking part in the fun run. And the families in the class are working hard to raise as much money as possible for Nicki’s Smile and pancreatic cancer early diagnosis research”.

If you would like to support Nicki’s Smile then any donation, large or small, will be gratefully received. You can find some of the children’s fundraising pages here:

Solly Jacobs:

Ava Sandler:

Zach Spevock:

Jake Rosenberg:

Jacob Selzer:

Lauren and Ellie Brickman:

Dylan Fabian:

Abigail Cane:

Joshua Blake:

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