Our Vision and Aim

Nicki with her husband Dan and son Joshua

Our Vision is to be a catalyst for improving life expectancy and survival rates for patients with pancreatic cancer.

Our Aim is to fund research into early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer, improve GP awareness for identifying symptoms and campaigning to ensure that pancreatic cancer is high on the agenda of the Department of Health and the NHS.

Nicki’s Smile is determined to raise significant sums through fundraising campaigns to make a real difference and ensure that, in the future, survival statistics of pancreatic cancer are improved.  Research and early diagnosis initiatives can make this a reality.   If Nicki’s Smile makes a difference to even one person, then her death would not have been in vain.

Help us raise vital funds to support specific initiatives aiding research and early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and give it the higher priority it desperately needs.

Nicki’s Smile is a fund hosted by Pancreatic Cancer UK who will ring-fence all monies raised to support our Vision and Aim.